Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PREVIEW: "No Room for Rock Stars" late-night Saturday

No Room for Rock Stars
Saturday, Feb. 18, 10 p.m.
Boulder Theater

This is a great film, but we had to put it on late as it's not family-friendly, safe-for-work, homogenized, or pasteurized. If you have ever stood in a 200-degree parking lot watching your favorite band -- or went on tour and broke up, and no one noticed -- or you're a freak -- this one's for you.

Here's the program description:

"'The funnest summer of my life'—600,000 fans, 43 cities, 200 bands. Allyou old rockers will remember your owntouring days, sleeping in a van, scrounginggas money, the mud, the groupies,the glory, the ganja. Well, nothing haschanged much. For 17 years, the VansWarped Tour has been a music juggernaut,a misfit circus criss-crossing NorthAmerica every summer as a wanderingminstrel show for youth culture. The tourhas grown and prospered as the musicindustry itself has stagnated, and alongthe way has provided a launching padfor a dizzying array of talent: from GreenDay and Blink-182 to Ice-T, Eminem andNo Doubt, along with punk legends likePennywise, All, Bouncing Souls and BadReligion. Follow Joe, Mike, Chris and Mitchfrom Suicide Silence as they embark ontheir own summer of adventure with theWarped Tour. Who knows what couldhappen?"

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