Monday, February 25, 2013

DiMe Time! Scenes from 2013

The fourth annual Digital Media Symposium played out on Friday, Feb. 15, during the Festival. Two keynote speakers and 10 panelists entertained and stimulated the audience, prior to a catered networking session! Here are some snaps --
[Photo by/courtesy Peter Wayne]

Festival Director Kathy Beeck opens the Digital Media Symposium. [Photo by/courtesy Peter Wayne]

[Photo by/courtesy Peter Wayne]

A/V master Mitch Cole of Alpine Audio Video mans the controls. [Photo by/courtesy Peter Wayne]

Technical director Mike Eichner was up to every challenge! [Photo by/courtesy Bonnie Chaim]

Moderator Dave Taylor kicks off the afternoon. [Photo by/courtesy Peter Wayne]

Keynote speaker Blaise Aguera y Arcas leads off the afternoon. [Photo by/courtesy Bonnie Chaim]

Brad Bernthal [Photo by/courtesy Peter Wayne]

Erika Trautman of FlixMaster [Photo by/courtesy Peter Wayne]

John Levisay of Sympoz [Photo by/courtesy Peter Wayne]
The audience sits -- and takes lots of notes! [Photo by/courtesy PsykomePhotography]

DiMe Assistant Project Manager Michelle Schroder and Venue Manager Dale Colclasure  [Photo by/courtesy Bonnie Chaim]

Let the shmoozing begin! [Photo by/courtesy Bonnie Chaim]

Two of the region's top jazzmen, guitarist Bill Kopper and bassist Mark Diamond, entertain the crowd at the end of the day. [Photo by/courtesy Bonnie Chaim]

A good trime was had by all. [Photo by/courtesy Bonnie Chaim]