Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PREVIEW: "Donor Unknown"

Donor Unknown
Saturday, Feb. 18, 7:15 p.m.
Boulder High School Auditorium

Not to be indelicate, but you really need to keep a handle on where your sperm winds up.

That's NOT the thrust of "Donor Unknown," the feature documentary that follows the search of several half-siblings (including Fletcher from Boulder) for their sprem-donor father. In fact, this film by Jerry Rothman puts the nature-versus-nurture debate to its viewers in affecting human terms, and asks us to consider what we inherit from our progenitors, what we make our own, and how vastly intricate the relationship between expectations and reality is for children and parents is. Who are we? "Donor Unknown" opens the doors to all these considerations and more.

Don't miss this fascinating, funny and moving event, AND enjoy a special talkback session with the film's producer Hilary Durman and executive producer Jim Butterworth! Hilary is making the trek from England to be with us; Jim won Best Documentary at BIFF in 2005 for "Seoul Train," and has taught documentary filmmaking to festivalgoers as well. Should be a hoot!

Here's the program description:

"This sweet, funny movie follows JoEllen Marsh, 20, whoalways realized that her family was different. She hadtwo mothers after all, and she has only known her fatheras Donor 150. Through an online registry that connectsdonor-conceived children, she manages to track down13 half-siblings across the U.S., including Fletcher, wholives with his two moms near Boulder, Colorado. JoEllentracks down Donor 150—amiable, self-described "beachbum" Jeffrey Harrison, who lives an idyllic life in an old“Rockford-style” motor home on Venice Beach. For extraincome during the ‘80s and ‘90s, he donated sperm nearly500 times. What impact will this stranger have on theirlives? And how will this vanguard of innumerable sons anddaughters affect Jeffrey's life?Winner at the Tribeca and Silverdocs Film Festivals. On the Grierson short list (the British Documentary Oscars). Directed by Jerry Rothwell. Produced by Hilary Durman. Executive producer Jim Butterworth. Colorado Premiere."

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