Friday, February 25, 2011

BIFF Photo Gallery Eight -- Bonnie Chaim

James Franco talks to Festival Director Kathy Beeck on arrival.
Long-time BIFF attendee Bonnie Chaim was there for most of the weekend with her camera as well -- in addition to providing us with the best shots of Oliver Stone in action, she produced a nice spread of exposures. Here are some! Thanks, Bonnie!

Franco looks momentarily overwhelmed by his rousing reception at BIFF.

Franco chats with BIFF's Ron Bostwick.

Franco checks out his recent slew of magazine covers.

Franco and Bostwick.

Writer Jeanine Fritz (right) and friend on Saturday night.

VIP Filmmakers Reception at Ted's Montana Grill.

Community Marketing Co-ordinator Mary Ann Williamson (left) and Program Assistant Robyn Schauweker (right) chat up a guest at BIFF's VIP Filmmaker Reception.

Nobody ever gets a picture of him! It's our intrepid BIFF photographer Randy Malone, who never put down his camera, even during cocktail time.

U.S. Representative John Lewis (left) is interviewed by Ron Bostwick after the screening of "Freedom Riders."

Congressman Lewis makes a point during his interview.

The big finish: the awards table, and Kathy and Robin at the podium.

Director Christophe Fauchere and producer Joyce Johnson pick up the award for Best Colorado Film for their movie "Mother."

Jen McGowan cracks a joke as she accepts the award for Best Short Film for her movie "Touch."

Howdy! It's Oliver Stone, with Robin.

Robin Beeck and Oliver Stone negotiate the media frenzy as he makes his way into the Boulder Theater.

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