Sunday, February 17, 2013

BIFF REPORT: Filmmakers endorse our loving care

Director Dafna Yelchin ("Digital Dharma") enjoying the red-carpet treatment. [Photo by Randy Malone] 
BIFF DigiComm Commando

“Impeccable.” “Great organization.” “They really take care of us.”

Directors Patrick Shen (“La Source”) and Dafna Yelchin (“Digital Dharma”) raved
about BIFF’s care and handling of filmmakers. “At most festivals,” Patrick said, “the
organizers only want to fill seats. The filmmakers are ignored and left on their own.”
Patrick said that BIFF takes very good care of filmmakers. “Everything is arranged
so we not only have a chance to promote our films, but also meet other filmmakers,
view other films, and meet members of the community. BIFF handles all the mundane

Director Patrick Shen ('La Source') and the film's subject, Josue Lajuenesse. [Photo by Randy Malone]
Dafna agreed. “The Call2Action folks did everything! They did a great job marketing
the film. And they created a forum where I could discuss the film not only with fans, but
also with other filmmakers. It’s great having everything taken care of so well.”

Both filmmakers added that they loved Boulder’s small town feel. “Everyone is so
friendly,” Dafna said. Patrick captured BIFF and Boulder in one sentence. “It’s a great

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