Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ave et vale: 'til BIFF 2012!

Welcome to Boulder: These guys drummed merrily next to our Call 2 Action tent all day Saturday. We kind of liked it! Plus, they set out a lot of instruments for kids to play on as well.
Well, I think we've gathered all the data we can for this year. Thanks to all our field reporters, staff members, festivalgoers, volunteers, sponsors, partners, and outside media sources we linked to as all -- both in the mainstream media and bloggers.

Here are a few more photos I took -- I have plenty of notes for things we can improve upon for next year in terms of social media; one of them is a stronger sense of backstage life. We would love to share more experiences from all levels of involvement in the festival, not just celebrity interviews and sightings. It took nearly 500 people to make this year's BIFF happen! Here are a few you may have missed:

Life in the Call 2 Action Tent -- Mike Carroll from "Hand Held" at far left.

Howdy from some folks at the Info Booth! Info Master Scott Chavkin at far right. (Note the fire extinguisher at far right: not only were we in compliance with city fire codes, we were HOT.)

Check out the merch: biggest sales ever this year!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: the BIFF offices were a hive of activity all weekend.

The numbers are in, and more people than ever before came to BIFF 2011. WE hope you had fun! We did. As always, we welcome your input and feedback -- here, on our Facebook page, or straight to our offices via phone or email.

What was started on a lark seven years ago has turned into an important and vibrant cultural event. We want to increase the size and depth and scope of your filmgoing experience. Tune in next year for the best BIFF ever!

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