Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BIFF gets a mobile home!

Here at the Boulder International Film Festival, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your filmgoing experience. Our interactive events, including workshops, panels and Call 2 Action discussions, are just one path toward making BIFF as immersive as possible.

Another great resource developed this year by our intrepid volunteer Marty Mapes of Movie Habit is the first BIFF mobile site! It can be accessed at This handy reference contains all the programming information for BIFF. A click will take you from the general menu, shown above to a day-by-day breakdown of screening times and locations:

. . . and, most rewardingly, another click will take you to a complete and detailed description of each program, thus:

And, you can reorder the contents into a handy menu of special events and alphabetized films:

Now, some of like to annotate our paper schedules, rating our priorities and mapping out strategies to maximize our chances to see as many programs as possible. With, you can do the same thing via your smartphone.

PLUS, we will be updating the site with news of additional screenings as they are added, AND sending out real-time updates about ticket availability as our venues fill and only rush tickets become an option for determined film fans.

Ain't technology wonderful? Not since the the theremin was harnessed to the sci-fi film soundtrack

has your filmgoing experience been revolutionized to such an extent. You're welcome!

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