Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sponsor (and Partner) Love

Let's face it. We couldn't do it alone.

Just as you need your big bag of hot buttered popcorn, drink and box of Jujubes in order to enjoy your favorite film, so we need the help of nearly countless folks to make our big, exciting festival happen every year.

As much as inspiration, hard work and the help of thousands of volunteers have shaped the Boulder International Film Festival, we would be in quite a state indeed if not for our sponsors and partners.

Look around -- almost all of the artistic and cultural festivals in America are supported by the kindness and capital of sponsors and partners. Non-profit organizations must rely on the wisdom of businesses which realize how important these events are for the feeding of the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the community.

Time and time again, our sponsors and partners have come through for us. Besides financial contributions, they give us resources, time, effort, equipment, goodwill, networking and publicity. They pitch in and help out. They engage; they sit in the theater with us -- and help us pick up the empty popcorn boxes afterward. In a very real sense, they are our friends.

That's why we're proud to let you know who are and how much they care. You'll find a new sidebar here on our blog, listing them alphabetically and providing links to their websites. We encourage you to patronize them -- or at least give them a high-five if you run across them on the street. We can't thank them enough!

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